Disaster Management Course


An international airport will be always at the front line of any kind of technical or medical disaster. Airport operators need to be able to implement strategies and plans in case of a large number of casualties, which also includes the dangers of imported infectious diseases, in close cooperation with the local and national public health agencies. Airport operators need to be well prepared with regard to medical treatment in case of a medical disaster or emergency event. All national and international airports are subject to national and international (ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization) requirements, regulations and laws with regard to personnel and equipment that must be on hand, but the national and international requirements do not amount to much more than having some plasters or bandages at the airport and a physician “on call”. The surrounding cities and communities must realistically deal with the possibility of a disaster. This calls for the preparation of disaster plans, exercises, and continuous review or updating of the plans.

What will participants learn?

During the course participants will learn about rooms or a clinic for emergencies; the work and responsibilities of the emergency clinic; the rescue services; the risk of infectious diseases; disaster prevention plans; and wide body crashes on motorways or surrounding areas.

Who should attend?

This training is aimed at all members of professional groups who are included in these kinds of disaster scenarios.


Further Training

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Five days

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English, German

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Courses can be arranged at any time on different locations. Send us an enquiry and let us know about your wishes.