Container-Based Live Fire Training Course - Module C

Advanced Structural Firefighting Course

Besides complex aircraft responses, firefighters in airport areas are usually also responsible for structural firefighting. This type of response requires well-trained and highly motivated firefighters with knowledge of fire behaviour and firefighting tactics based on structural fires. This course consists of theoretical sessions in the classroom enhanced by practical “hands-on” training. The curriculum of the course has been developed based on several national standards within the European Union.

Training participants working together in teams will be challenged by a variety of typical fire scenarios. The trainees, armed with appropriate firefighting equipment and appliances, will experience the following scenarios:

- advanced attack techniques,
- thermal imaging search and rescue,
- live fire observation and entering point decisions,
- live fire indoor vehicle scenario,
- large scale flame attacks,
- large complex structural fire scenario.

What will participants learn?

On completion of this course, training participants will be able to:

- understand the different scales of fire development in closed spaces;
- understand smoke and ventilation controlled fires;
- explain ventilation procedures at structural fires;
- explain the combined approach of extinguishing techniques and ventilation procedures;
- explain the concepts, principles and theory of tactics at structural fires;
- recognize the indicators of fire development at structural fires in order to ensure a proper attack using different techniques, such as
  positive pressure ventilation and thermal imaging cameras, to optimize the response time and ensure the appropriate safety of

Who should attend?

This course is beneficial for firefighters with basic skills who would like to improve their knowledge of firefighting procedures.


Course participants must:

- possess basic technical skills (be certified in the use of respiratory protective equipment);
- be physically capable of performing strenuous work during the performance of the practical training sessions and therefore meet the
  medical requirements of their Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ);
- be proficient in English, German, Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian. 


Aleš Cedilnik
Marko  Zibelnik
Milan Dubravac

Further Training

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Alarm Clock 1080x1080 Duration

Four days

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English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian

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Courses can be arranged at any time on different locations. Send us an enquiry and let us know about your wishes.