Driver Pump Operator Course

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Fire apparatus drivers/operators are responsible for safely transporting firefighters, apparatus, and equipment to and from the scene of an emergency or other call to service. Once on the scene, driver/operators must be capable of operating their assigned apparatus competently, swiftly, and safely. They must also ensure that the apparatus and the equipment it carries are ready at all times. This Basic Driver/Pump Operator Course teaches firefighters the skills and knowledge required to safely drive and operate fire apparatus, and is based on the NFPA® 1002 Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications. The course curriculum has been developed based on the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARP’s) published by the National Fire Protection Association.

On completion of this five days course, participants will be able to:

- ensure that the apparatus and the equipment it carries are ready at all times;
- perform routine tests, inspections and servicing functions on a periodic basis;
- understand the importance of vehicle safety checks;
- understand how to operate the apparatus properly, swiftly and safely;
- understand the responsibilities of the fire apparatus driver/pump operator;
- operate pump and foam systems;
- operate accessory devices;
- understand the importance of the tactical positioning of the fire apparatus;
- ensure pumping and drafting operations work smoothly during firefighting activities;
- work with fire department technical equipment.

On completion of eight days course, as an upgraded and extended five days course, participants will, in addition to above mentioned, also be able to:

- position and operate fire department vehicle with the help of virtual driving simulator (DPO simulator);
- position and operate fire department vehicle in the training field.

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English, German, Slovenian (other languages on request)

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