Fire Extinguisher Course


Fire Extinguisher Training is an important part of a company’s Occupational Health and Safety Plan. The training consists of both theoretical classroom lectures and practical “hands-on” training. Our fire extinguisher training classes will teach your employees how to safely extinguish fires in their early stages and what emergency actions they need to take when a fire breaks out. The propane gas fired extinguisher training unit allows us to create a wide variety of challenging fire scenarios. The focus is placed on the theory of fire extinguishing, the different classes of fires and the different extinguishing agents.

The participants will be trained in the application and use of installed fire suppression and hose systems. Under the guidance of our instructors, the course participants will learn and practice the correct firefighting tactics to combat fires in a safe and effective learning environment. 

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English, Slovenian or on request

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Courses can be arranged at any time on different locations. Send us an enquiry and let us know about your wishes.