Fire Officer Train the Trainer Course

Train the trainer

This course prepares airport emergency services personnel to establish Airport firefighter proficiency training programmes and provides the course participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required to present Aircraft Rescue and Firefighter Training sessions, meeting the training recommendations established by ICAO and NFPA training standards. The course meets the requirements of NFPA 1041, Fire Instructor I and II. 

The topics addressed during the course include: the role and responsibilities of the fire and emergency services instructor; adult learning theory and how it applies to emergency service training; the use of instructional methods to engage the student in the learning process; the selection and use of instructional materials and audio-visuals; the selection and use of lesson plans that are commonly available in the fire service; evaluating learning; and the safety principles and methods used to ensure the safety of both student and instructor. The emphasis is placed on developing Airport Firefighter Training and the methods and principles of presenting theoretical and practical ARFF training for airport firefighters.

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English, German, Slovenian.

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