New services presented at INTERSEC in Dubai



Fraport Aviation Academy (AAC), which is operated by one of Fraport’s subsidiaries, Aerodrom Ljubljana, took part in the world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection, INTERSEC Dubai 2017. A wide range of AAC’s courses on protection, rescue and intervention in emergency situations were presented to more than 33,000 industry professionals from all over the world. Beside our partners and services we also promoted Slovenia - green destination with rich cultural and natural heritage.

“Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This rapid growth, which is reshaping the whole industry, is at the same time opening up a lot of new business opportunities. New safety and security standards are being implemented every day in order to ensure the protection of health and to minimize the danger to life and property. For us, safety is the most important aspect of aviation, so we have developed a large number of rescue and firefighting training programmes, which we proudly presented at the fair,” said the Director of Fraport Aviation Academy, Thomas Uihlein.

Visitors to the fair were extremely interested in AAC’s training services, which will in future be implemented in collaboration with Fraport’s Fire Training Centre (FTC), the Centre for Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences of University of Maribor, and Slovenia Control. The names of these partners reveal that the vision of AAC is not only to pass on knowledge, but also to link the different fields of aviation into an integrated learning concept, and therefore, in future, expand the scope of its services to other fields, such as airlines, authorities and air traffic control. On the fair we also promoted the services of our partners. New crisis management study options were presented by associate professor, Vice-dean for International Cooperation at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uroš Rajkovič, who attended the fair as well. 

"In addition to our services and partners we were also presenting Slovenia as an attractive tourist destination. Slovenian Tourist Board  has contributed several promotional materials, which  helped us to acquaint our clients with all the natural and cultural heritage sites Slovenia has to offer. Clients from the Middle East were excited to hear about new destination they can explore while attending one of our courses," explained Thomas Uihlein.   

diorama newsletter   

At the fair a diorama of the new fire training centre was presented for the first time. The construction of the second training field, at Ljubljana Airport (Fraport already has one in Frankfurt), is expected to start in the first half of this year. The investment in the new facility, which will be inaugurated in 2018, is estimated at €3.45 million. Realistic courses will be held on a training range with mock ups of an A320 aircraft and a helicopter. On the new training field participants will be able to gain the necessary skills to fight fires in and on the aircraft and helicopter, and to deal with an aircraft that has skidded off the runway. This kind of training from the field of rescue and firefighting will be interesting not only to airport firefighters but also to representatives of other related professions. All the training courses will be based on the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the European Safety Agency (EASA) and the American National Association for Fire Safety (NFPA).

More information about the fair are available here.