Two of our employees honoured by a Civil Protection Recognition Award


Milan CP   

On Thursday, 1 March 2018, a central ceremony for Civil Protection Day was held at Brdo pri Kranju, where Civil Protection Recognition Awards were given to individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the system of protection against natural and other disasters. Recognition awards were given to 358 individuals and organizations, including two of Fraport Slovenija employeesARFF Commander Milan Dubravac, and Boštjan Turk.

Milan Dubravac received a Civil Protection Plaquette for his outstanding long-term work in the area of protection and rescue. The award was given as recognition of his life-long contribution, special credits and outstanding commitment to the protection and rescue of people, animals, property and cultural heritage, and in the protection of the environment in natural and other disasters.

A Silver Civil Protection Recognition Award was given to Boštjan Turk, for his exceptional work in operational firefighting.

We heartily congratulate the recipients!

5 March 2018