Fraport Opens Training Center at Ljubljana Airport


Fraport Aviation Academy   

On March 6, Fraport AG and Fraport Slovenija inaugurated a new €6 million training center for the Fraport Aviation Academy at Ljubljana Airport (LJU) in Slovenia. Demand for professional training from both external and internal customers is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. Fraport Slovenija, the operator of Ljubljana Airport, has been mandated to develop this business. With the new training center, the Fraport Aviation Academy is well positioned to serve the international aviation training market – and will be training well over 500 participants during 2019.

The Fraport Aviation Academy Training Center provides almost 1,500 square meters of space for classrooms, simulators and other specialized equipment – plus outdoor areas for “live” practical training. The center will allow the Fraport Aviation Academy to expand the number and range of courses at Ljubljana in the coming years. Currently, courses focus mainly on firefighting, emergency services, crisis management, and ground handling.  

Fraport Aviation Academy 2   

Speaking to the more than 170 guests at the inauguration ceremony, Fraport AG’s executive board member and executive director of labor relations, Michael Müller, stated: “More than ever, the aviation industry needs skilled staff to meet air traffic growth and other challenges.” Airports serve as vital ‘concentrated points’ of service activity – relying on skilled staff – to move vast numbers of people and goods between different points on our globe, safely and securely. Our new Fraport Aviation Academy Training Center takes us to the next level in delivering professional training to external clients as well as our Group employees worldwide,” said Müller.

Zmago Skobir, managing director of Fraport Slovenija, stressed that the Academy has recently become part of the company’s development strategy: “The Fraport Aviation Academy is now one of our four strategic pillars of business – joining aviation, cargo and commercial activities. The new training facility represents an investment in growing our core business, strengthening our competitive position, and enriching the Ljubljana Airport brand.”


The Aviation Academy pursues a holistic approach. This means bringing together experts from within the Fraport Group, while linking up with key specialized partners to create a comprehensive learning program. Michael Müller added: “We are very pleased to announce our newest strategic partners, Rosenbauer and SCSI Southern California Safety Institute.”

Rosenbauer is a renowned manufacturer of firefighting equipment, while SCSI is a leading provider of accident investigation and safety training services. They join the Academy’s partners from the Fraport Group, including the FTC Frankfurt fire training center, and Fraport Twin Star in Bulgaria. Slovenian partners include the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Board of Slovene Armed Forces (Ministry of Defence), Adria Flight School, Slovenia Control (Slovenia’s air traffic control organization), the University of Maribor’s Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and Slovenia’s Training Centre for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. 

 Thomas Uihlein, director of the Fraport Aviation Academy, spoke about the vision for training: “Thanks to the commitment of many people within the Fraport Group, and the cooperation with our partners, the training center has become a reality. We are only at the start of the journey. The long-term goal is not only to pass on knowledge and skills, but to link different areas of aviation into an integrated learning concept. Our vision is to make the Fraport Aviation Academy the leading skills academy for the global aviation industry.” With the opening of the new training center, this process is underway. The Fraport Aviation Academy team boasts more than 100 professionals drawn from the Fraport Group and the strategic partners.