Training Center Ljubljana

FAA opening 2019 8 
Fraport Slovenija, owned by Fraport AG, is the operator of the largest and the only significantly sized airport in Slovenia: Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (Ljubljana Airport). It is considered to be the most important aviation entity in Slovenia and a significant player in aviation logistics in Alpe-Adria region. Slovenia is situated at the crossroads of traffic flows between the great plains of the Po Valley and Pannonian Basin, and the Istanbul gateway from the Middle East to the European Union. It is a member of European Union and part of the Euro zone. Its privileged position at the heart of Europe gives it a special role in the region, both, in terms of passenger and cargo traffic.

Creation of the Fraport Aviation Academy, as a new “center of excellence and learning”, underscores Fraport’s commitment to enhancing Ljubljana as a sustainable location. Fraport wishes to harness the inherent synergies available at Ljubljana Airport, which has developed its own significant know-how as a full-service airport company in operations, handling, and emergency services. Furthermore Fraport recogniozed Ljubljana region as the perfect location where we can develop innovative world-class solutions in aviation training.

For the purposes of the Aviation Academy's brand new training center will be built on a site near Ljubljana’s General Aviation Terminal. The investment of about €3.45 million was already approved. Construction started in early 2017. This new centre will make it possible to expand the number and range of training services offered in the coming years.

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