Range of Services


Fraport Aviation Academy offers training in areas where Fraport and Fraport Slovenija have already been active for some years. Fraport Aviation Academy offers training in the field of aviation (airport, air traffic control and airline). In addition to that Fraport Aviation Academy also offers non-aviation training courses (firefighting). For us, safety is the most important aspect of aviation; this is why we have developed a large number of rescue and firefighting training programmes.

Our staff of highly experienced and professional instructors provide specialized training programmes in all areas of fire protection and emergency management. The ability to customize training programmes to meet the particular training needs of our clients, based on national and international recommended regulations and standards, is one of our greatest strengths. Training programmes are developed and presented to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of training, meeting international fire and emergency services training standards. All of our instructors are qualified professionals with extensive hands-on experience across all sectors, including civil and military aviation and industrial firefighting operations.