ARFF Refresher Course


This course is designed to meet ICAO and EASA regulations, as well as National Fire Protection for the airport firefighter requirements for annual "live-fire" training, and is targeted at airport firefighters or firefighters who respond to airport emergencies who have already completed the Basic and Advanced Structural Firefighting Courses, as well as the Basic ARFF Course. Hands-on field exercises will simulate wheel fires, brake fires, pressurized hydraulic fluid fires, tail and engine fires, interior/cockpit/galley fires and large volume fuel spill fires.

The course meets EASA regulation 139 and ICAO Annex 14, Chapter 9. It includes a review of SCBA Handling, Personal Safety, Protective Clothing, Fire Behaviour, Extinguishing Agents, Tools and Equipment, ARFF Vehicle Tactics, Forcible Entry, Ventilation Tactics and Passenger Search and Rescue Tactics. Furthermore, a customized lecture in aviation “News and Updates” will be provided by the Training Center.

On completion of this course, training participants will be able to:

- implement tactics and strategies, including tactical approach, initial attack, and the selection, application, and management of ARFF
  extinguishing agents required for aircraft fire suppression and rescue operations;
- perform search and rescue operations.

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English, German, Slovenian

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Courses can be arranged at any time on different locations. Send us an enquiry and let us know about your wishes.