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Anže Musek

Load Control Agent

Anže Musek has more than 23 years of experience in ground handling. He became a member of Fraport Slovenija (the former Aerodrom Ljubljana) in 1995 and is currently working as a Load Control Agent. He has asserted himself in the workplace as an excellent trainer, and he is also a licensed airport firefighter. He holds the CAA licence for Ground Handling Instructor and the Train the Trainer certificate. His experience is clearly reflected in his professionally implemented training courses – he has superlative skills in carrying out effective training with an emphasis on the practical side. 

Tomaž Prezelj

Warehouse Manager

Tomaž Prezelj, who has over 21 years of experience in dealing with cargo, is an expert in IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and a safety advisor for the transportation of dangerous goods. He is also an expert in IATA Live Animal Regulation and Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations, and has completed the ULD Build-Up course. As an instructor Tomaž is effective and convincing, helping trainees build professional competency in handling dangerous goods. 

Anže Kovačič

De-Icing Instructor

Anže Kovačič has more than ten years of experience in firefighting. He started his career as a member of the voluntary firefighting service, and he remains a proud member of his local brigade. In 2007 he became part of Fraport Slovenija (the former Aerodrom Ljubljana), where he currently works as a Technical Service Coordinator. He holds various different licences, including the CAA licence for Ground Handling Instructor and the Train the Trainer certificate. He is a member of the Disabled Aircraft Recovery Team and a de-icing specialist. His passion for working with people nicely complements his professional knowledge, which is reflected in his interesting training courses.

Oliver M. Arzt


Oliver M. Arzt is the founder and CEO of OMAC GmbH Aviation Consulting, an independent consulting company for airport airside operations, established in 2012. His 30 years of experience, together with creativity, safety-awareness and embrace of innovation and change, have given him the ability to work as a project manager, coach and business developer in various fields of aviation. In addition to his role as CEO, Oliver is also the Chair and a member of various international committees and panels, which makes him not only a recognized expert but also an active and dedicated networker. He is a team player and an experienced and skilled presenter, which makes his seminars and lectures especially interesting.