Basic Fire Safety Course

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Fire safety requirements for modern airport terminals nowadays pose a big challenge for airport staff and all personnel employed inside those facilities. All users are responsible for keeping their environment safe. In case of an emergency it is absolutely essential that appropriate counteractions are taken immediately by staff in the terminal.

Course participants will learn about:
- the basics of fire safety,
- day to day safety behaviour,
- housekeeping issues,
- dangers caused by fire and smoke,
- handling of emergency escape routes,
- behaviour in case of fire,
- fire safety regulations,
- technical fire safety related devices (overview of systems in their environment).

On completion of the course participants will be able to provide the answer to the following questions:

- What can I do to keep my environment safe?
- What are “appropriate counteractions”, and how do I react correctly in an emergency?

The Basic Fire Safety Course provides knowledge about the basics of fire safety, danger caused by fire and smoke, and emergency escape routes. By participating in this course, the participants will be able to react correctly in case of fire according to the fire safety regulations. 

The course is mainly based on the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook.

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Courses can be arranged at any time on different locations. Send us an enquiry and let us know about your wishes.