Presurized Fuel Fed Fires Course


Besides the aircraft-related fire incidents/accidents that can happen in the airport area, airport firefighters can also be faced with non-aircraft related incidents/accidents where flammable material is involved, in liquid, gaseous or pressurized form. It is very important for an airport firefighter to be familiar with and proficient in dealing with these fires, and so we have developed a Pressure-Fed Fuel Fire training course.

This training course programme consists of theoretical instruction in the classroom, which is then enhanced by practical hands-on training, achieved by Live-Fire training evolutions working with different pressure-fed fuel fire training simulators.
The course is designed in such a way that it meets the requirements of the recurrent training programme according to the following regulations and recommendations:
- EASA 139/2014; GM1 ADR.OPS.B.010 (a) (3);
- EASA 139/2014; GM1 ADR.OR.D.017 (a) (b);
- ICAO Annex 14; Chapter 9.2.42.

On successful completion of this training course, the airport firefighter will be able to:
- Recognize the various types of pressure-fed fires;
- Implement tactics and strategy to deal with these fires;
- Make a safe and effective approach to the fire;
- Position and carry out an initial attack;
- Select, apply and manage an appropriate extinguishing agent;
- Complete successful extinguishing of these fires.
Airport firefighters, working together as a team, will be challenged by a variety of pressure-fed fuel fire scenarios, where they will combat and extinguish the following fires:
- Fuel spill fire
- Pressurized gasoline fire
- Liquefied gas phase fire
- LPG tank fire

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